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Angela Hall

Born: York, North Yorkshire

Education: BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sunderland University, 2005

I began drawing as a child and initially trained in graphic design. From there I set up a small print studio and started my own business designing and hand screen printing wildlife designs for T-shirts, sweatshirts, fabrics and cards. I went on to study Fine Art at Sunderland University and specialised in drawing.

I currently work in museums but have always wanted to return to my first love – drawing. To realise this dream, I recently formed York Art Fusion and have begun to take my first steps towards carving out a career as an artist.

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Elly Ross

I have always had a real passion for photography since specialising in it during my Fine Art degree at Nottingham Trent University.
Using photography as an artistic medium helps me become more aware of my surroundings and capture a moment in time. I like shooting natural moments using the light available if possible.

I have worked for a number of organisations including the City of York Council and York Museums Trust covering events and shows. I am currently working on a major photographic project for the Mystery Plays.

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Kelly Powell

Originally from Canada, Kelly’s love of archaeology led her to settle permanently in the historic city of York in 2002 where she has subsequently worked as a primary school teacher, adult learning tutor and museum educator In addition to her passion for the past, Kelly equally adores travel, creative writing and photography. The latter she has pursued as a hobby since childhood, developing a particular love of and interest in photographic composition. After all these years Kelly is still amazed at how, through the camera’s viewfinder, the smallest of details, the most unexpected of objects and the most ordinary of scenes can be transformed into beautiful, engaging and thought provoking images.

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Denise Curran

Her love of photography dates back to Denise’s teens, when she bought a small 110 format camera, photographing mainly family, friends and her local environment in the north of Scotland. That early interest has grown into a real passion.

Her photographic work has been used in books, graphic novels, posters, Arts Award & charity projects and web stills for a short film.

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Vince Danks

Vince Danks was born in 1961 in Nkuru, Keyna and has always been annoyed at having been brought back to England when he was eighteen months old as it’s a lot colder in England and he doesn’t like the cold.

However, having then been brought north to York when he was twelve (where it was even colder) things at least looked pretty and the gothic surroundings have clearly had an untoward influence on him.

His early artistic career began when he was commissioned to draw Doctor Who comics for the Marvel Comics Group. Further comics' work culminated in the creation of his own comic, Sapphire, and the co-creation of Harker with Roger Gibson, where the appreciation of the creative freedom that self publishing afforded became a key element in his desire to create fine art. Although a number of commissioned paintings have been undertaken over the years, the art available on this website are the first results of that desire.

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